Oasis Lounge - Thomas Elliott Burns

Oasis Lounge
ECAL 2014 / Revisited 2018
Polypropylene Shell, Powder Coated Steel Base
30”H x 35”W x 26”D

Photo: Gaea Woods

A lightweight, stackable, outdoor lounge chair.  

This concept derived from research done during my graduate studies, in which I was attempting to find widely available and relatively inexpensive raw materials that could be used in the furniture industry.  

Through a physical process of experimentation and iteration I developed a shape that could be easily 2d cut from a flexible sheet and secured in a way that is strong enough to support the human body.

The seating shell is made from a single piece of 1/8” thick polypropylene plastic. The fold around the outer ring of the shell lends strength to the material while allowing for a minimal natural flex.