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Vanity Mirror
ÉCAL Workshop for Axor Waterdream - 2015

One part of the Starck V faucet, released 2014 by German brand Axor Hansgrohe, is the smart connection system called the U-Base.
The 'U' stands for universal, and in order to highlight its versatility, the brand asked Bachelor and Master ÉCAL students to design some different faucets to fit the base. The highly tuned industrial base allows for a wide range of freedom in design for the upper spout which can be made in a more bespoke manner.

I found my inspiration thinking of the other things that are found in the bathroom, and finding a connection between water and reflections.

Painting (image 2) - Narcissus by Caravaggio

The proposed piece combines the faucet with a mirror and a small shelf area, changing our expected landscape of the bathroom.

The selected projects were all crafted by master glass worker Matteo Gonet and were shown during the 2015 Milan Design Week at Axor's location on Via Durini.